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New Age Massage Spa, dba New Age Spa
17040 Oak Park Avenue
Tinley Park, IL  60477
(708) 888 - 0299
Hours: 7 days (Monday - Sunday) 10am to 10pm

Choose any style of massage** - No extra charges

GREAT FOR GIFTS - Full 1 hour Body Massage
LESS THAN $65 for a FULL hour ($70 Std. Price) if you buy the 4-hr package - $250!!! -- expires 8-1-2019

Offer ends August 1st: FANTASTIC  SAVINGS -- CALL NOW!
    ** -- $280 package  (4 massages) for  Lymphatic Massages.  Lymphatic Includes Hot stones!

  • Deep Tissue, Swedish
  • Sports
  • Prenatal and Postnatal (before & after Pregnancy)
  • Lymphatic (usual cost is $75 for 1 hour session with free hot stones)
  • Hot Stone  (this is not a modality)
  • Couples Room -- Great for a GIFT!!!
  • ​Reflexology: on the table Massage 

This area is fully editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.

This area is fully editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.

This area is fully editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.

Couples Massage

 Your DREAM Spa  -- the New Age Spa

Trained in Asia and the U.S., our professional Massage SPA staff offers the best and most comprehensive Massage Therapy program in the Tinley Park, IL area.  Our spa is conveniently located in Downtown Tinley Park, 2 blocks from the Metra Train Station, and 2.5 miles away from the Tinley Park Convention Center.  We focus on a hollistic method of healing, thru massage therapy..

Complete, comprehensive full body massage for men and woman.  

Combination Body and Foot massages are now available.-- a great way of relaxing...

Whether it is a Sports Injury, Medical situation, Muscle Relaxation for Stress, or a General Tune up, we can help! 

Call now for a convenient appointment, 7 days a week at     (708) 888 - 0299   -    (Use Coupon Code W-0409)

Walk-ins are also available - but appointments are usually the best to insure no waiting time.

Gift certificates are available -- This is a great ideas for holidays or just to show that you care!
Deep Tissue & Couples Massage

Your choice of 30, 45, 60, or 90 minute sessions - you get the FULL time, unlike other spas who are in a rush..  This is a full body massage.  Hot stone can be added for a great session!

Choose between a variety of Massage Modalities -- Don't worry: We will guide you through the process.  Remember: no additional cost for any type of massage!

Full body massage includes scalp, face, back, and feet if desired.

And be assured: No extra charges, EVER for massage modalities, including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Prenatal, Postnatal, Sports, etc.


Our Fees & Policies...

Our prices are not only reasonable and fair, but we include a wide range of massage services with no additional  UP-charges  (eg., Deep, Swedish, Sports, Prenatal, Postnatal, Lymphatic, Thai, etc.) 

In Tinley Park and Orland Park, IL most Massage establishments charge extra for Deep-Tissue..  We NEVER WILL!

With our various specials and coupon discounts, you can expect to pay approximately $60 - $65 for a full one-hour (1 hr)   body massage.  Many local establishments consider 50 minutes to be a full-hour -- We do not, and do not SHORT you on time.

We never short change you and always give you our VERY best!

Should you decide to become a regular patron, we can offer individual and multiple-massage packages, customized especially for you..

And COMING SOON - Insurance reimbursement.  Email us for .more information

Call us at (708) 888-0299 for more information.

Or email us at

Indidual Massage

Individual Massage

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Special Massage Therapy Lotions & Oils
Couples Body Massage Therapy....

Great for a gift or special ocassion!   We generally have coupons for  $5 to 15 off the regular rate.

The total rate for two people is $150.00! CALL FOR NEW PRICING!  

Same options as Individual Massage section, above.

The Couples Massage means you have 2 therapy tables in close proximity to each other if you desire fopr a more intimate experience.

Call for more details!  Gift certificates are available.

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MASSAGE THERAPY - Implementation
Considering the long history of massage, its incorporation into Western medicine is only in its infancy. The potential for growth and research of the healing properties of therapeutic massage and body work has gained great momentum over the last fifty years, and the public demand for massage therapy is at an all-time high. 

As a preventative practice, therapeutic massage is used in spas, gyms and work places all over the country. Using massage therapy to promote balance and maintain internal and external health is something that is now a standard part of the North American lifestyle.

In the health care industry, massage is commonly used in hospitals, nursing homes and birthing centers. It is also used in physical therapy and in chiropractic clinics to treat pain, increase circulation and expedite the healing of injured muscles.

At New Age Spa, we employ the most modern methods, and give you the choice to experience our VERY BEST!

Review our 5 *****star rating on Google and Yelp!!!

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